Why Learn to Program?

Starting on the first week of June, I’ll be starting as a web development student at the Flatiron School. The course is full-time intensive, meeting every day from 9-6 for twelve weeks. Students enter as programming newbies and leave as employed, full-stack web developers.

Since graduating from college, I’d been working in the video game industry as a designer and producer. So why the switch to programming?

I’ve always been interested in how computers work. Though I’ve long messed around with light coding, websites and scripting here and there over the past ten years, I’ve never sat down to formally learn it (aside from two poorly-taught classes in high school and college). After a friend of mine went through Flatiron’s program, his constant praise for the experience piqued my interest, and after getting accepted, I decided to go.

However, curiosity in programming is more than just a long-time interest. The world today runs on software, especially over the web. If you’re able to not only understand how the web works, but capable of creating your own tools that leverage it, you wield immense power. I’ve always valued being a creator over just being a consumer, and the knowledge I hope to gain from this class will push me even further to the former.

Over the course of the class, I’ll be posting updates and thoughts in this blog. It’s going to be an interesting summer.